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Car Dashboard Mobile Phone Holder with Contact Display

By Premium Gift  //  Car Accessories  //  Comments Off on Car Dashboard Mobile Phone Holder with Contact Display

Car Dashboard Mobile Phone Holder with Contact Display Multi-Purpose 360 Degree Rotatable Mobile Phone Facing & Phone Number Contact Display Circulate Show / Hidden. Convenient smartphone driving […]

Lunch Box LB3178ii

By Premium Gift  //  Lunch Box  //  Comments Off on Lunch Box LB3178ii

Lunch Box (1-Tier) Natural Eco-Friendly Organic Wheat Fiber Lunch Box with Fork & Spoon. Model: LB 3178-ii Size: 7(H) x 20(L) x 13(W)cm Weight: 253g Material: Organic […]

Notebook with Pen NB2386ii

By Premium Gift  //  Note Book & Memo Pad  //  Comments Off on Notebook with Pen NB2386ii

Notebook with Pen Model: NB 2386-ii Size: 15(H) x 12(W)cm Material: PVC Weight: 73g Colour: Black / White / Blue / Red / Green / Orange

Hanging Toiletries Bag BTL2619

By Premium Gift  //  Toiletries Bag  //  Comments Off on Hanging Toiletries Bag BTL2619

Hanging Toiletries Bag Model: BTL 2619 Size: 16.5 x 22.5 x 7.5cm Material: Polyester Weight: 223g Colour: Green / Pink / Black / Blue

Plastic Pen Y9370

By Premium Gift  //  Plastic Pen  //  Comments Off on Plastic Pen Y9370

Plastic Pen Multi-Colour Selections of Plastic Ball Pens. Model: Y 9370 Weight: 7g Colour: Dark Blue / Black / Silver / Orange / Copper / Green / […]

Budaya Malaysia Keychain

By Premium Gift  //  Metal Keychain  //  Comments Off on Budaya Malaysia Keychain

Budaya Malaysia Keychain Malaysian Culture Design Pewter like keychain with congkak, wau, keris, gasing design. Able to do full colour epoxy sticker print on the keychain. (as […]

Sling Bag BS1015ii

By Premium Gift  //  Sling Bag  //  Comments Off on Sling Bag BS1015ii

Sling Bag Model: BS 1015-ii Size: 36(H) x 28(L) x 7(W)cm Material: Polyester + 1680 Weight: 300g Colour: Green / Orange / Blue / Grey / Red

Laptop Sling Bag BS1818

By Premium Gift  //  Sling Bag  //  Comments Off on Laptop Sling Bag BS1818

Laptop Sling Bag Model: BS 1818 Size: 37(H) x 28(L) x 3(W)cm Material: Polyester Colour: Black / Grey / Red / Green / Orange

Glass Drinking Bottle M3386

By Premium Gift  //  Sport & Space Bottle Series  //  Comments Off on Glass Drinking Bottle M3386

Glass Drinking Bottle Model: M 3386 Capacity: 500ml Material: Glass + Plastic Colour: Orange / Pink / Blue / Light Yellow

Travelling Bag BT1422ii

By Premium Gift  //  Travel Luggage Bag  //  Comments Off on Travelling Bag BT1422ii

Travelling Bag Model: BT 1422-ii Size: 30(H) x 47(L) x 24(W)cm Material: Nylon Available Colour: Grey

Laptop Backpack with Rain Cover

By Premium Gift  //  Computer Laptop Backpack  //  Comments Off on Laptop Backpack with Rain Cover

Laptop Backpack with Rain Cover Model: 1711005 xe Size: 45(H) x 30(W) x 11(D)cm Weight: 1.5kg Flavio Giovanni Laptop Backpack

Custom Made Silk Scarf

By Premium Gift  //  Necktie & Scarf  //  Comments Off on Custom Made Silk Scarf

Malaysia Custom Made Silk Scarf Malaysia scarf printing manufacturers, scarves supplier. We provides custom printed scarves with logo in factory wholesale price. Material: 100% Silk Scarf Size: […]

Sheaffer 100 Rollerball Pen

By Premium Gift  //  Sheaffer Pen  //  No Comments

Sheaffer Pen Sheaffer 100 Roller Pen Available Colour: Brushed Chrome / Red / Blue / Black RSP: rm120.00

Customised Necktie Cufflinks & Handkerchief Set

By Premium Gift  //  Necktie & Scarf  //  No Comments

Premium Necktie Set Customised Knitted Necktie, Cufflinks & Handkerchief Set with Gift Box. Custom Logo Quality Ties, textured inter-woven necktie fabric with personalized logo on the necktie […]

Carry-On Convenient Backpack BB007

By Premium Gift  //  Casual Backpack  //  Comments Off on Carry-On Convenient Backpack BB007

Carry-On Convenient Backpack Model: BB 007 Size: 40(H) x 23(L) x 12(W)cm Material: Nylon Colour: Blue / Black / Green / Pink / Yellow / Purple / […]

Laptop Backpack BL9244

By Premium Gift  //  Computer Laptop Backpack  //  Comments Off on Laptop Backpack BL9244

Laptop Backpack Model: BL 9244 Size: 42(H) x 31(L) x 14(W)cm Material: Microfiber Colour: Grey / Red / Blue / Black

Travel Cutlery Set CT001

By Premium Gift  //  Cutlery Set  //  Comments Off on Travel Cutlery Set CT001

Travel Cutlery Set Model: CT 001 Material: Plastic Size: 20.50 x 4cm Printing Area: 18 x 2cm Colour: Blue / Yellow / Magenta / Green BWCT001 mdpo

Pull Out Banner

By Premium Gift  //  Party, Event & Roadshow  //  Comments Off on Pull Out Banner

Pull Out Banner Malaysia pulls out banners, roll out launches bunting banner, and advertisement banners available in plastic and metal frames. Full colour digital printing and off-set […]

Laptop Backpack BL1133

By Premium Gift  //  Computer Laptop Backpack  //  Comments Off on Laptop Backpack BL1133

Laptop Backpack Model: BL 1133 Size: 44(H) x 33(L) x 18(W)cm Material: Canvas Colour: Grey / Blue

Compact Stylist Laptop Backpack

By Premium Gift  //  Computer Laptop Backpack  //  Comments Off on Compact Stylist Laptop Backpack

Compact Stylist Laptop Backpack This slim laptop backpack with 2 compartments is one of our top rolling favourite laptop backpacks. Best designer look laptop bags on the […]

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