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Premium Gift Souvenir (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1984, focusing on three core business sectors – Manufacturing, Marketing & Custom Design of Sales Promotion Premiums, Corporate Gifts and Commemorative Souvenirs. At all times, we provide corporate gift ideas for clients, supplied with quality products, punctual delivery, and prompt service with competitive prices.

As a professional manufacturer of various kinds of high and medium class of corporate premiums, we pays great attention to the quality of our products and the reputation of our company.

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Corporate Gift giving is Serious Business.

As part of a well thought out marketing, it can help build or strengthen key relationships with customer and become recognized in favor of commercial activities with cost-effective means to establish branding presence in the consumer’s mind to attract and keep customers.

A corporate gift is a gift given to recipient in a business or company gift. Corporate gifts, or gifts, as represented to showing its appreciation for the efforts of the recipient of a means.
In other applications, corporate gifts is sometimes described as a one-time presentation to local charities and municipalities as part of the company’s community involvement efforts.

A more common example of this type of gift is given to employees of the business’s company. Enterprises often use some kind of gift active recognize who a service, that is beyond the normal expectations considering the company’s employees.
The company’s gift may take the form of cash gifts, or involving certain types of tangible products, such as a special premium gift, a new car, awards or even all expenses paid vacation employee and his or her family.

Corpore Gift for enhancing Corporate Identity

The company presented corporate gift to customers is a common public relations strategy. When the customer has generated a fair amount of sales over the past calendar year, the situation is not uncommon for corporate customers of certain types of gifts and tokens of appreciation or gesture. Over the years, many companies have chosen the ideal premium gift company like Premium Gift Souvenir (M) Sdn Bhd to purchase corporate gift to their customers.

Our corporate gift supply not limited to just standard conventional products, we can supply and import all products range from small furniture, home textiles, hardware materials, kitchen utensils, decorative gifts, home appliances, office supplies, sports and leisure goods, digital products such as powerbank, usb flash drive, fashion jewelry, cosmetics pouches and more.

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Hotline: 03-7981 2999 for Premium Gift Catalogue and Pricelist. ------------------------------------ Custom made manufacture of corporate gift products, provide idea, gifts' brain storming and beyond creative design & logo render production manufacturer. Specialise in Corporate Gift, Annual Dinner Door Gift, Customized Promotional Free Gifts etc. Distribute around Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Sabah & Sarawak corporate gifts distributor. Our gifts are mostly imported from China, Hong Kong, India.

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